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What Exactly Is The Connective You Ask?

The use of this word only recently came to us to describe the group to which we and many of you reading this are connected to. It is simply a group of beings or energy that can only be described as love. A group dedicated to love by sharing ancient knowledge, wisdom and energy that has not been accessed on this planet for hundreds and thousands of years. Yes we get it. For some of you reading this it may sound hoakey but each of you reading this has access to the same information if you allowed it. We call this higher states of consciousness. As you listen, read and experience this truth, it will have an inner truth, it will pull at hour heart, it will have an inner knowing if this is right for you.

So come play, listen and explore at a rate that works for you. See if you can remember who you are at your core... love. Cause love is all there is.

- Much love, Liam, Andrea and the Connective to which we and you belong. -

Experience Freedom Through Love

This website is dedicated to sharing, teaching and inspiring conversations about love that have come through Team Love with Liam and Andrea and others along the way. A long overused and abused topic in this world. But one that we feel strongly is the only key to evolution.. Evolution through the heart..

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A Testimonial From The Heart

"Working with the Connective through team will take you on a galactic journey towards self-love in a way that is more profound than what I can describe here. Through his connections there is an awakening, a re-connection, to the truth of who you really are. Somewhere along the way we've forgotten this fundamental truth, that we are ancient, transcendental beings with more power than we could ever imagine. Through speaking with 'Team Love', I've been reminded of my purpose and my power, my soul contracts, and all of the beautiful beings I've agreed to attract into my field over this lifetime. We are all here to do great work, yet this greatness is always so much more simple than we make it out to be. We are here to play, to dream, and most importantly to love first. That is always the lesson that comes from Liams's channeling sessions. As soon as I hear the beings speaking through Liam there is an immediate relaxation that overcomes me, a familiarity that I've been reunited with beings who truly see me for who I am and who want the best for me and my journey. That alone is so healing. For anyone who is ready to meet their true self, to realign with and understand their soul's journey on a deeper, more cosmic level, then working with Liam and Team Love is a powerful way to accomplish this."
-Jeff R. | Victoria, BC.