Team Love Is Here To Assist

Let us try to explain.

There is a large plan for earth. Ancient ones choosing to step forward to experience a different way of living through love.

As humans we have context for love that is based on the many falsities of humanity. What is needed is for some to live in a completely different contextualization of the existence of love, the vibration the beingness such a that they can bring the experience into the collective.

What Is or Who is
Team Love?

In simple terms, it is a collective, a coming together of energies that are bringing the seeds of ancient wisdom to the planet through love.

Team Love is trillions of grains of sand coming together .. like a beach.. Focused on the clearest whitest sand that the universe has to offer. It is the coming together of energies of pre-agreed upon experiences we are choosing to bring to the world. Planting seeds to reap the harvest.

Who is Liam?

It all started about 20 years ago when Liam started searching. Searching for something bigger than this normal prescribed mundane life. Fast forward 10 more years he visited Loveland, Colorado and began working with beautiful instruments from Quantum Sound Therapy. What happened you ask? He opened completely to a journey of love and the love that he is and is connected to. Messages just started coming out of his mouth without being consciously aware of what it was. Like what you ask? Wisdom and messages about love. Listen to the connections with Team Love with Liam here.

This website is dedicated to sharing, teaching hand inspiring conversations about love that have come through Team Love with Liam and Andrea. A long overused and abused topic in this world but one that we feel strongly is the only key to evolution, evolution through the heart.