A unique way to step more fully into you.

We are here to simply share and assist you in stepping more fully into the real you, learning to trust, surrender and love your being from the inside out. To learn to take action from the heart.

What Does A Session Look Like?

Each one-hour session with Liam and/ or Andrea and the Team can include many possible aspects including a channeled message from the Team, Light language, dowsing and good old fashioned human discussions around love and evolution. We call this evolution coaching.

If you are new to this experience we will schedule an extra 30 minutes for your first session to explain, share and connect so you can get a better sense of what it is we are talking about and decide what is right for you. (First time clients only)

Additional Option: For half price you can add in another tool to your purchase called “Personal Frequencies”. This tool can be used after your session, between sessions or on its own to provide assistance in letting go of your beliefs patterns and block that are stopping you from love. For a full description of what a Personal Frequency is go to here.

We have set our prices based on “value”, guidance and love. If money is the only thing stopping you from connecting please do not hesitate to find us. We will always make it work. If you are being called to have a session there is a reason. Trust that, trust yourself. We would be honoured to connect with you. Simply go to Contact Us and connect.

If money is not an issue then bookings and payment can be made below. If your session exceeds an hour no worries but in exchange we will ask you to honour our prices and adjust payment after the session accordingly.

What To Expect:

Each session is unique even from session to session and person to person but we can guarantee you will not be disappointed. For over 10 years we have been connecting with people around the globe simply sharing this gift and service and the feedback has been overwhelming. For years we both hesitated to share, not feeling we were worthy, who are we to do this? But we have realized the opposite, who are we not to share, not to connect and not to love? Each session is designed to encourage you in a unique way to step more fully into you and this applies to us as well.

Each one on one connection is a face to face connection using zoom (or in person if we are in the neighbourhood) and during that session we will record the channeled message, teach, share and love according to your current needs and willingness to open up and love. The recording can be loaded on any phone or computer and played back as often as you wish. Often you will hear things you did not hear the first time. We are not here to be your guru simply to share and assist you in stepping more full into the real you, learning to trust, surrender and love your being from the inside out. Learning to take action from the heart.

This website has been built simply to share, connect and love. If you have been feeling the pull to a private session trust that. We look forward to connecting one on one.

Book A Session:

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A Testimonial From The Heart

Listening to my 2nd reading from Liam ... so much info every time I listen to it. I listen to it weekly for the first month , then at least once a month after that. As I shift, I hear new messages.

Today’s lesson: Releasing can be painless and in the moment. This is along the same thread as have you been lied to... I think energy workers are using their stories .... what would it look like if we just released our linear past, our story? In NLP they tell you that you don’t need the story to bust through the limiting belief.

All I can say is it’s amazing. -Ranchelle | Red Deer, Alberta